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Italik Metalware specialists have turn on the creative energy of extravagant furniture hardware and have accompanied with extent range of unique and modern furniture legs in India. We offer office furniture legs, metal furniture legs, furniture sofa legs, rolling table furniture legs and other latest furniture fittings at decent prices.

Italik Metalware Modern Furniture Legs uses

The shorter length Italik Metalware legs are ideal for legs under case pieces. A significant part of the modern furniture legs are intended for use as a couch leg. If you are need of replacing sofa or couch legs, considering Italik metalware will be the best thing to do.

We are also offering modern furniture fittings in desirable designs as per client’s request.

Specifications of our modern furniture legs:

  • Reasonable
  • Superfine Quality
  • Durable
  • Super Finishing Product

These are multipurpose fittings are not limited to sofas. Our sofa legs look great on chairs, ottomans and several other furniture products.

Your whole couch, chair, and other furniture products rest on the legs. In case if the leg is detached or overall inadequate, the result might be an uncomfortable utilization of the furniture. Defected legs can prompt structural harm to the furniture object due to uneven loads being set on the casing. It is critical for appearance purpose, as well as for the prosperity of your furniture to keep the legs in great repair.