Cabinet Handles India Manufacturers

Italik Metalware is an ace manufacturer of cabinet handles India. A perfect piece of furniture is a combination of the right material, skilled craftsmanship, and stylish accessories. Our cabinet handles perform the role of stylish accessories in your perfect furniture item.

Why Choose Our Cabinet Handles?

Our cabinet handles are an epitome of quality and design the two prime features that client look for. Listed below are just a few of many aspects that make our handles unique.

Stylish Design

At Italik Metalware, we understand that cabinet handles need to have certain features. The first one being the looks. It has to look trendy and complement your furniture. Our range of cabinet handles have different designs that are sophisticated and contemporary.

Robust Quality

A cabinet handle is meant to be touched and over a period of time, it can deteriorate because of the moisture and friction. Our cabinet handles India range is made from zinc and stainless steel that provide the required durability to the handle and make it last as long as your furniture.

Competitive Price

We know you might be thinking that the promised quality and design does not come cheap. But, we assure you the best price because we manufacture bulk items and the margin is not derived from each piece but from the quantity ordered.

Internationally Approved

Our range of cabinet handles are a benchmark of quality because we are an ISO certified company. This requires us to perform strict mandated quality checks on all our products like cabinet handles, knobs, etc. before being delivered to clients all over the world.

Designer Sets

Your furniture might require cabinet handles that look same but have different sizes or may be have complementary knobs. We offer cabinet handles set that have a combination of small, medium, and large handles, along with matching knobs.

Premium Finish

Italik Metalware’s range of cabinet handles India have the shiny look that comes from stainless steel and zinc. However, we also offer plating on these handles if you have the requirement. The plating can be selected on the basis of qualities you want to incorporate.

Why Choose Us as Your Manufacturing Partner?

With so many qualities, we should already be on top of your mind as the manufacturing partner. But, if you are looking for more reasons, check out our quality policy, product range, infrastructure, etc. This should convince you to liaison with us.

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