Practice Maintenance Tips For Cabinet Handles India And Hardware At Home

Be it the brass knobs or stainless steel hinges and antique drawer pulls, properly maintained hardware run longer. Suppliers of cabinet handles India share this post to explain how you can actually maintain your cabinet hardware and remove the tarnish layer, rust, grime, grease, and gunk from the surface to make the hardware new again. There are simple cleaning techniques and home remedies that can help you in maintaining cabinet handles and hardware and keep them in good condition.

Let’s talk about hardware material and the type of cleaning they require-

1. Wood

Wood hardware works best for traditional and rustic themes. It adds charm and warmth to the interior. If you want to maintain their elegance, you should clean pulls and knobs by spraying the mixture of soap and water and vinegar.

Make sure you don’t allow water sit on the hardware for longer time as it can warp or swell the wood. If there are tougher stains, you can use old toothbrush to remove them gently. Don’t forget to wipe the wood dry using a soft cotton rag in the end.

2. Ceramic and glass

Ceramic knobs and glass pulls might look expensive to maintain but trust experts – they are not! You can unfasten the knobs and glass handles and soak them in the mix of water and baking soda or water and vinegar.

After half an hour, you can drain the water and wipe the glass with newspaper to prevent streaking.

3. Metal

Metal hardware is expensive and adds shine and glitz to living space. Many people in India install metal hardware in the kitchen. Soaking the hardware in the soapy mix for few hours or overnight can loosen up the dirt.

Rusting is a common issue with metal hardware. You can use vinegar or lemon juice and borax mix to soak hardware made of metal and restore the original condition of the product.

How to make cleaning of hardware easier?

You can follow these tips-

  • Remember to dismantle cabinet hardware to clean the knobs, hinges, pulls and other parts
  • Fully submerged hardware will achieve great results
  • To finish up, clean the residual soap or water and buff using a clean piece of cloth
  • Toothbrushes are best partners to reach difficult corners.
  • Keep the parts at one place together
  • To prevent streaking, use newspapers instead of cloth
  • Wear gloves and avoid direct touching of clean parts
  • For luster, you can use beeswax

All these tips are shared by cabinet handles India suppliers to help you in maintaining cabinet hardware. If there is any doubt or query, ask experts.