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We at Italik Metal ware are manufacturing best range of drawer slides, furniture fittings, handles, slides, knobs, and other furniture accessories for Indian and overseas markets. Our simple yet most sophisticated and innovative product range attracts clients from different regions across country.

Promising Range Of Furniture Fittings, Handles, Slides, Knobs, And Other Furniture Accessories

Our experience and domain expertise makes us most suggested drawer slides manufacturers in India and enables us to give premium range of products at most affordable prices. Our products are always manufactured as per client needs and expectations.

Each and every product is checked over different quality parameters before final delivery and always guarantees zero manufacturing defects for our clients.

Remarkable Features Of Our Drawer Slides And Furniture Accessories

  • All Sizes
  • All Weights
  • High Performance
  • Super Finish
  • Long Life
  • Load capacity

We have already set a benchmark of success in drawer slides manufacturing industry with accurate stacking limits. Our result drive business products are always appreciated by clients and industries. Being accomplished drawer slides manufacturers in India; we can give custom solutions to our clients on special requests.

We try to club up modernism and style together, that makes us most suggested drawer slides manufacturers in India and overseas markets as well.

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